How to Password Protect Directories in cPanel

Normally, if you create a folder on your site, you can access all the files inside it just by visiting the file s URL. Sometimes however, you want to password protect directories in cPanel either you re testing a new design that you re not ready to show the world, or it s a staging area for your [ ]


How to Automatically Deploy Laravel Applications with Deployer on Ubuntu 16.04

Laravel is a popular, open-source PHP web application framework. It has an expressive, elegant syntax and provides tools needed for large, robust applications. Deployer is a modular open-source PHP deployment tool packed with time-saving features and optimizations. It supports deployment of many popular frameworks, including Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework and CodeIgniter. In this tutorial, we [ ]

How to Create and Delete a User on Debian 9

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create and delete a user on Debian 9. In the initial server setup, there is only one user account created and that is root user account. This root user has the highest privileges and has access to all files and commands on the system. But having [ ]

How to Install Java 10 on Debian 9

Java is a general-purpose programming language developed by Sun Microsystems before being bought by Oracle, who maintain and develop Java to this day. Distinguished as a fast, secure, and reliable language available on all platforms, Java can be established on anything from laptops to game consoles, to computers and cell phones. Since Java code is [ ]

Common Firewall Rules and Commands in iptables

Today we are going to show you some common firewall rules and commands in iptables. Iptables is a useful command line utility for configuring Linux kernel firewall. Iptables contains five tables: raw, filter, nat, mangle and security. Each table consist of chains. A chain is a list of firewall rules which are followed in order. [ ]

How to List All Databases in MySQL

We will show you how to list all databases in MySQL. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system commonly used with web based applications like WordPress, Magento etc. In this tutorial we will show you how to list all databases in MySQL on a Linux VPS. Before you start listing all tables in MySQL, [ ]

How to Install the ELK Stack on CentOS 7

In this tutorial we will show you how to install and configure the ELK Stack on CentOS 7. Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana are the three open-source products which are part of the collection called ELK stack. It is a robust solution for search, analyze and visualization of data. As we already know Elasticsearch is distributed, [ ]